Manchester City, result (score) 0: 1, (match review) 21 February 2021

The “townspeople” quietly removed the Londoners from their path.

Manchester City beat Arsenal in economy mode in the 25th round of the Premier League. Everything was decided by a quick and too easy goal. In the second minute, Riyad Marez exacerbated the situation on the flank, performing a canopy into the penalty area, where Sterling jumped high and sent the ball into the goal with his head.

Arsenal hit Ederson’s goal once in the entire match. In the second half, Manchester City were closer to a goal than their opponents.

The Citizens retain ten points from Leicester. Arsenal are stuck in the middle of the table. The team is fighting for tenth place with Wolverhampton and Leeds.

Arsenal – Manchester City 0: 1 (0: 1)

Goal: Marez, 2 (0: 1).