Wenger speculated about Juve’s dependence on Ronaldo

Cristiano both benefits and harms the Turin people.

Former Arsenal head coach Arsene Wenger spoke out against Juventus Turin and Cristiano Ronaldo. Wenger talked about Ronaldo’s disastrous importance for the current Juve.

“The problem is that Juventus only rely on Cristiano Ronaldo. This is the wrong approach. The current situation indicates that the rest of the team is not strong enough and not too self-confident. This applies not only to Ronaldo, but also to Lionel Messi at Barcelona, ​​the situation is the same there. Other players are dependent on Ronaldo and Messi, they are on a different level and to some extent shift responsibility. If good footballers become a problem for the team, then something is definitely wrong. With the rest of the players “, – said the Frenchman.