Leeds, result (score) 1: 0, (match review) 20 February 2021

The Wolves won thanks to a shot from Adam Traore.

Wolverhampton is gradually emerging from the crisis. In the 25th round, the Wolves managed to defeat Leeds at home. Everything was decided by a single goal in the middle of the second half.

Adama Traore gathered several players on himself, shifted to the center and put his energy into a long-range shot, but the ball hit the crossbar – it bounced off the back of goalkeeper Meslier.

Leeds rushed to attack, but only scored from offside. Bamford’s goal was canceled.

The Wolves, thanks to this victory, rise to eleventh place, moving Leeds down one line.

Wolverhampton – Leeds 1: 0 (0: 0)

Goal: Meslje, ​​64 (1: 0, own goal).