Klopp: “From a creative point of view, we did it well”

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp did not criticize his team for another defeat.

Liverpool are in danger of falling to eighth place after losing to Everton. The German specialist believes that his players are doing 90% of their work. In the meantime, 10% are decisive.

“The first goal, in which we had to defend better, gave direction to the whole game. There was no need for such a ball. We had a lot of good football moments.

From a creative point of view, everything worked out, but there was not enough peace of mind.

Everton defended deeply and passionately, but there were moments when we were completely free in the box. In the second half, we changed the lineups to give them more problems. Mane was twice in the penalty area, Firmino twice – in promising positions.

The penalty happened too late, it was not decisive. I see no reason to talk about it.

Could talk about everything for an hour. Then you would understand that 90% of what you are asking about was positive and 10% was not. We need to change 10%. They matter to the outcome.

Henderson’s injury? In the groin area. It’s not good at all. We’ll find out the rest tomorrow “, – the coach spoke.