Everton, result (score) 0: 2, (match review) 20 February 2021

The champion cannot find the bottom in any way.

In the 25th round of the Premier League, Liverpool lost again. In a principled match, the team lost to Everton. Toffees got the advantage due to a quick goal.

Already in the third minute, Khames sent Richarlison to the race, and the Brazilian took a high-quality approach to the implementation of a difficult moment. The forward secured a reserve for Everton in the opening of the game. Next was the standard scenario for Liverpool matches. The team acted in a positional attack, but lacked speed and implementation.

And also a moral blow in the middle of the half – Liverpool lost Henderson. After the break, Pickford made several important rescues, and Everton caught a chance in a counterattack. Trent broke the rules in the box. Sigurdsson was accurate from the penalty spot.

Believe it or not, butterscotch are catching up with Liverpool in the table and have one less match.

Liverpool – Everton 0: 2 (0: 1)

Goals: Richardson, 3 (0: 1); Sigurdsson, 83 (0: 2, pen.).