Milonov: “Clubs pumped by legionnaires do not show a decent level”

Russian football lags far behind European football.

Russian State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov reacted to the defeat of Krasnodar in the Europa League match against Dynamo Zagreb. He believes that Russian clubs are generally not ready to play in European tournaments. Even foreign footballers cannot do anything to help domestic teams in Europe.

“If it was an isolated situation, it could be attributed to some kind of bad luck. Of course, our teams were not ready to meet the Europeans. Unfortunately, they could not, no one could. This situation should not be viewed in the context of the failure of one club, but should be understood as a whole.

It seems to me that we are a little behind in preparation. Perhaps the Ministry of Sports and football bosses should think about a new system of training and adapting our players for serious European football. You can see everything yourself, our football is different from European. We play well with ourselves, but when we enter the international arena, that’s all. There are already slightly different standards, and we do not reach them. The clubs overpowered by legionnaires do not show a decent level, the result is Russian Version. We have the opportunity to meet with good teams in Europe, for us this is a real test, but we do not pass it.

Now speeds are growing, technologies are developing, but we stopped at one place. Enraged by all these pompous posters that hang around the city. For example, in St. Petersburg “Zenith” with lions. All is well, of course, but be strong not with posters, but with results. They treat our footballers too pompously. Too much amuse them with pride, and this prevents them from realizing their true place “, – said Milonov.

Earlier, the bulls’ defender Alexander Martynovich spoke about the defeat of Krasnodar.