Koloskov said what impressed him in Krasnodar’s game

The bulls have a chance to enter the next stage.

RFU Honorary President Vyacheslav Koloskov talked about Krasnodar’s defeat in the match against Dynamo Zagreb. Despite the loss, Murad Musaev’s wards looked very strong in many components of the game. Koloskov believes that the bulls will be able to reach the 1/8 finals of the Europa League.

Krasnodar played excellently and looked confidently throughout the match, except for the first 15 minutes, when, apparently, the lack of playing practice affected.

Several things struck me, especially the very good physical fitness. Krasnodar was not inferior in this component, they pressed hard. The most important thing that captivates me is that Krasnodar is the only Russian team whose players often dribble.

This match was much stronger in terms of the level of play than many games in the English Championship. All the time there was dynamics, attacks in both directions. In terms of the game, Krasnodar did not concede, even surpassed in something.

I think the team needs to improve the game defensively a little. After the first game, nothing ended, Krasnodar has excellent chances to win in Croatia and pass on aggregate “, – said Koloskov.

Andrei Chervichenko also agrees that Krasnodar looked good in this match.