Guberniev made a verdict on the state of Russian football

The well-known commentator is in no hurry to criticize Krasnodar.

Dmitry Guberniev believes that the bulls played well against the Croats (2: 3). The problem is in the general level of Russian football. According to Guberniev, all the clubs in the RPL are for internal use.

“Krasnodar showed quite interesting football. I just tried to play !!! But this is not even enough to beat, or rather, not to lose to Zagreb at home.

As our foreign colleagues in athletics used to joke, Russians run beautifully, but slowly.
Our football is still bad. This is a product for internal use.

Thanks to Krasnodar for trying. But the “milans” with the “Manchester” are far away, the “lesser” brothers have already explained everything … “, – concluded Guberniev in the telegram channel.

Krasnodar must now score at least two goals in Croatia if they expect to qualify for the round of 16. Bulls are the last RPL representative in European competition.