FC Krasnodar – Dinamo Zagreb, result (score) 2: 3, (match review) 18 February 2021

35-year-old goalkeeper Gorodov’s unsuccessful debut in the Europa League.

The Croatian club in many ways unexpectedly tore apart Krasnodar’s defense in the first match. Krasnodar has a big loss – Matvey Safonov was unable to play due to injury. Evgeny Gorodov got into the goal and failed the match.

Dynamo crushed the hosts with pressure in the first minutes. Petkovic’s goal in the 15th minute followed perfectly from the logic of the game. The Croats created moment by moment. As a result, we managed to push the ball into the net.

Krasnodar in many ways won back by accident. The first dangerous sortie ended in a dangerous attack. Berg successfully caught the ball on the rise after the clearance and put the ball into the net. The Swede was the best in his team.

After the break came the sad benefit performance of Evgeny Gorodov. In the 54th minute, the goalkeeper played terribly at the exit. Petkovic did not miss the empty goal and scored a double.

In response, Krasnodar played their best segment of the match. Smolnikov hit from a lethal position, and there were also dangerous attacks. The pressure logically ended with a goal from Klasson. Krasnodar tried to crush the opponent, but ran into a counterattack. Everything would be fine, but Atimven’s blow to the near corner was fatal for Gorodov. The second goalkeeper error in the match.

Krasnodar must now score at least two goals in Croatia. A 1: 0 win won’t suit.

Krasnodar – Dynamo Zagreb 2: 3 (1: 1)

Goals: Petkovic, 15 (0: 1); Berg, 28 (1: 1); Petkovic, 54 (1: 2); Klasson, 69 (2: 2); Atimven, 75 (2: 3).