Chervichenko: “If you close your eyes to the score, then Krasnodar played well”

True, the bulls failed the game in defense.

Andrei Chervichenko spoke about the defeat of Krasnodar in the match against Dynamo Zagreb. He believes that in general, Murad Musaev’s wards showed good football, reminiscent of the game of Spartak in the 90s. The bulls showed a desire to go forward and win.

“If we close our eyes to the score, Krasnodar played well. Very good attacking play, laces reminiscent of Spartak in the 90s, and absolute horror in defense, failure. Childish mistakes, Chernov looked terrible. Once he cut two into one at the exit, but Smolnikov miraculously saved.

One got the impression that the defense was assembled only yesterday – absolutely not played, not well-coordinated, each other was not insured, the zones were not closed, the players were not kept. Complete nonsense. Although they could have scored more ahead.

Today I saw a difference in Krasnodar’s game, something appeared that I was just criticizing them for – they were not afraid, they were not pinched, they tried to move forward. It is better to lose like this, but we see a struggle, a desire, than when they scored one goal, pressed on and still could concede in the end. In terms of spirit and desire to play beautifully, I liked Krasnodar. And for the Croats, almost everything flew in – it happens. They have a young team, they kept a decent speed and pressed until the end of the match “, – said Chervichenko.

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