Vladimir Bystrov gave an assessment to the game of Evgeny Gorodov

Not the best day in the career of the Krasnodar goalkeeper.

Vladimir Bystrov appreciated the level of Yevgeny Gorodov’s play against Dynamo Zagreb. The goalkeeper of Krasnodar made two productive mistakes. According to Bystrov, all goals are the goalkeeper’s fault.

“All three conceded goals are“ goalkeeper’s ”. The coaching staff should watch if the person is nervous. They have a young Adamov, you need to trust the players. The Krasnodar players were not keeping up somewhere, Dynamo had more tone, ” made the conclusion Bystrov on the air “Match TV”.

Evgeny Gorodov is the reserve goalkeeper of Krasnodar. Matvey Safonov will not play for the club in the near future. He was transferred to the FNL due to injury.