Tuchel: “I have no goal to please the players”

The German specialist is just doing his job.

Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel is reluctant to please his teammates. For him, the result is important, which can be achieved in different ways. Somewhere you need to shout at a football player, somewhere you need to keep prudence.

“If I try to be kind to journalists, it doesn’t mean that I am the same in the locker room. I have no goal to please the players. However, this does not prevent me from telling my players that they performed well, thereby maintaining a favorable atmosphere.

Of course, I can yell at a football player if the situation calls for it. If you don’t, they won’t listen to you. In general, I try to be unpredictable. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the mind. We need to build a team of trust. These are the relationships that will support us ”, – said Tuchel.