Shmurnov – about Klopp’s tears: “Perhaps he wiped away a drop of sweat”

A well-known commentator ironically spoke about the Liverpool coach.

Jurgen Klopp allowed himself some emotions after the game against Leicester. Alexander Shmurnov notes that the reaction to the journalist’s question was too eloquent. The commentator admits a repetition of the same with Josep Guardiola.

“In our nervous times, there is a place for absolutely touching moments. I mean Jurgen Klopp. Perhaps he did not wipe away a tear, but a drop of sweat or a rain (although it seemed like it was sunny in Leicester). But the reaction to the question: “Did you lose the title today?” Was very eloquent.

Liverpool, of course, lost the title not this Saturday and not in the recent match with Manchester City, but in that unfortunate moment when they lost Virgil van Dyck. But the potential of the still reigning England champion, a team that Klopp has built and polished to worldwide excitement, is big enough to believe in success even in the most difficult times.

But therein lies the great strength of today’s championship in England, that Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and in general the “rich Buratins” are really put spokes in the wheels not only by the neighbors-moneybags, but also by several other teams.

Leicester, matured thanks to his championship – it turned out to be absolutely not plush, yes, it was partly accidental, but it did not become a fleeting episode, but allowed to build and develop the club. Everton with his excellent investment and managerial luck – I mean the invitation of Carlo Ancelotti. West Ham, Aston Villa, Wolverhampton …

Bavaria, Paris, Juventus never dreamed of such an incredible range of competition. Well, I mean, in bad dreams. Spain in this sense is the closest of all, Italy is catching up, but it seems still more due to the restructuring of Juve than the transformation into real giants of the other big teams.

In general, England, of course, remains an outstanding tournament. And I will not be surprised at all if in a year a tear (or rain) on February evening is wiped off my cheek by the current triumphant Josep Guardiola … ”, – summed up Shmurnov.

Jurgen Klopp’s mother died before the game against Leicester.