Kanchelskis named the real reason for leaving Manchester United

There was a lot of speculation around this.

Former Manchester United player Andrei Kanchelskis told why he left the Mankunians. The mankunian doctor was to blame for everything, who did not pay attention to the footballer’s hernia. As a result, he quarreled with both the doctor and Alex Ferguson.

“There were a lot of stories about leaving Manchester United. Someone told me that I got in touch with the mafia, someone said that I lost in a casino. The yellow press picked up everything.

In fact, I quit because of the club doctor who made me play with a double hernia. I somehow finished the season, and then went to the operation. After the operation, I flared up a little and talked in raised voices with both the doctor and Sir Alex Ferguson.

The doctor apologized, but I had already decided that I would leave. There was no person who could give the right advice. And I went to Everton. And after the transition, all these rumors began.

Now, with a cool head, I can say that I would have taken the conversation with Ferguson differently and stayed at Manchester United. Maybe I would even win the Champions League. True, but she still had to live, “- said Kanchelskis in an interview with journalist Timur Zhuravel.

Earlier, Kanchelskis named the player “MU”, who drank more than five liters of beer at a time.