Chervichenko on the reform of the Champions League: “Apparently the crisis affects the brain”

Significant changes may occur in European football.

Former president of “Spartak” Andrei Chervichenko reacted to the news that UEFA may change the format of the Champions League. The number of participants in the main club tournament in Europe is planned to be increased to 36. The teams will play 10 matches with different opponents, and the group stage as such will no longer be.

“Apparently the crisis affects the brain – they become restless, agitated and all the time trying to gush. In my opinion, everything is working well now. If rich clubs are trying to push a new format for their own benefit, then this is not surprising. Our wealthy clubs do this kind of thing too.

It’s hard to talk about the format when you don’t understand exactly how it works. 10 matches – all in a round robin system. It seems to me that there will be no such tension and intensity. Now everything is clear: two teams advance to the playoffs, one to the Europa League and one more – the unfortunate victim. The fight always goes on until the last round. And according to the new system, if a team loses the first 5 matches, then it can already stop fighting. There is a risk of seeing obvious outsiders due to the increase in the number of clubs – now they are eliminated at the preliminary stage, and with the new format they will be in groups. Someone will probably set a record: 10 matches – 0 points. So, the idea is damp. I think this is a special informational stuff in order to study the reaction of the football community “, – said Chervichenko.