Cherdantsev on the new format of the Champions League: “This is a disaster for the RPL”

Georgy Cherdantsev is unpleasantly surprised by the desire of UEFA to change the format of the Champions League. The commentator is intimidated by the fact that only one Russian club will be in the main European tournament. Cherdantsev outlined the sad consequences. Now there will be no strong legionnaires in the RPL, and the league is degrading even more.

“In a word, this is a disaster for Russian football. This means permanently registering in the second league of European football without a chance to get into the first one in the coming decades, or until the Champions League format is revised.

What’s bad about it? A lot of things. First, the club strategy is completely changing. If for many years to come it becomes clear that one team plays from Russia in the Champions League, what is the point for those who claim the championship purely theoretically to invest money in players, in salaries, etc.? Moreover, now the options to earn this money with the help of the same Champions League are becoming less real. Vicious circle.

What do we get? Falling championship level. Because the lack of competition for places below 1 makes the tournament less interesting. More passable, boring matches. What’s the difference – third place or fourth? And for the first: well, how many teams seriously fight for him during the season. Two. Well three. And the rest? They will just serve their number.

Players. If now moving to Russia for a talented player is an opportunity to earn more than in Europe to show himself in the Champions League, now there is no incentive to go to Russia. And it won’t. Moreover, our clubs will have less money for good contracts. Once again – a vicious circle.

A television. If today TV pays for the right to show the Champions League based on the fact that in the fall there will be rating matches with the participation of their clubs, now it turns out that for most national TV companies that are not represented in the countries of the top 4 championships, what is the point of paying big money for showing other teams if your own players do not play with top rivals. Medical fact in Russia: the broadcast of our club’s match in the Champions League gathers more audience than the conventionally Real-Manchester United match. Are UEFA confident that the national TV companies, having lost the broadcasts of their clubs in the Champions League due to the reduction in their number, will continue to pay off a lot of money for the broadcast of Real Madrid from Manchester United?

This is a DEEP delusion. In Russia and Portugal, the Netherlands and Belgium, they wanted to put with the device at the matches of top clubs with each other, if the clubs of your country were not involved in this story.

Europa League. It is not yet clear how this will look. An increase in UCL teams from the top championships will increase the number of playing days. If Thursday is now reserved for LE, now it is planned that the Champions League will be held on Thursdays too. That is, from the point of view of everything – LE is becoming an absolutely second-rate tournament, whose matches, possibly, will take place in parallel with the Champions League. Does anyone need this? And what’s the point of fighting in your championship for a place in such a LE? None.

Sponsors. Russian companies are reluctant to sponsor football, and this interest is unlikely to increase in the foreseeable future. But international interest may be lost, because brand awareness is achieved primarily through TV broadcasts. Fewer matches in the Champions League, lower ratings, lower audience coverage, less interest in investing in sponsorship.

From all this, I see only one positive moment.

If we are pushed onto the back of the football bench and good players lose all interest in going to Russia, we have only one way to develop: use our internal resources. That is, count on the graduates of our academies. The level of the championship and, accordingly, its cost will depend on their skill. On the one hand, this is good, let our academies work, but on the other hand, you need to understand how long it will take for this whole system to work. Not a year, not two, not three. Maybe ten, maybe twenty years.
This is a lot “, – Cherdantsev spoke on his Telegram channel.

from the new format. Cherdantsev’s colleague praised UEFA for the timely changes in the regulations.