Alexander Shmurnov approved the reform of the Champions League

The commentator liked the UEFA idea very much.

Alexander Shmurnov is delighted with the new regulations of the Champions League. It is assumed that from 2024 the teams will play ten matches, the results of which will be included in one table. At the same time, only one place will be given to Russia. Shmurnov is pleased with this situation.

“The Swiss system is an absolutely accurate measurement of the strength of opponents with a large number of participants and limited time. Any chess player will tell you that.

It’s just that before, firstly, they did not want to give up the format “one match at home, another with the same opponent, away”, because this was the meaning of the idea of ​​European cups from the very beginning. And, secondly, with 8, 16, 32 teams at the group stage, everyone was fascinated by the magic of an equilateral matrix.

But they woke up, as Nikolai would say from Vysotsky’s song about a trip to the city. Added three plus two. Do you need to expand the League? Is it necessary? Mandatory trips are becoming a thing of the past – for example, the current 1/8 are played because of covid protocols, who knows where. And it’s also reasonable to do more matches, because they, as they say, collect traffic.

Cons of 36 teams and 10 Swiss rounds? There are almost none. In the last rounds, some outsiders will not be motivated? But for them there is a personal rating that can decide a lot in their future fate.

A tighter calendar? But, excuse me, now in February and March two matches of the 1/8 of the Champions League are being played, and full-fledged 7-8 and 9-10 rounds, 18 games each, will be played. No downsides except for the pros.

And, most importantly, groups such as Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Ferencvaros and Kiev, which initially can not be played, will become impossible. And there will be many more games between direct competitors, that is, in fact, everything!

I applaud UEFA! Standing!

The only thing I would like to add: you can start the playoffs not with 16 teams, but with eight. 12 Swiss rounds and a ten-day May final of eight, like last year. I hope this thought will sprout in another two or three years … “, – explained the commentator in the telegram channel.

So far, no changes have been officially announced. It is assumed that more clubs from the leading European leagues will be admitted to the tournament.