Pavlyuchenko named the least favorite stadium in England

The arena was not suitable for teams.

Roman Pavlyuchenko recalled the time of his performances in the English Premier League. The footballer played for Tottenham London. Overall, he liked all but one of the Premier League stadiums. Pavlyuchenko did not like Fulham arena.

“In terms of atmosphere and fans, the best are definitely Liverpool. At Anfield they sing so loudly that you can’t hear the whistle, once, sitting on the bench, because of the hum, I couldn’t talk to a partner next to me. And so all the stadiums are cool: Old Trafford, Arsenal arena. I didn’t like the only one – the Fulham stadium, where only 11 of the starting lineup were changing their clothes in the locker room, because the rest of the others simply did not have enough space, ” said Pavlyuchenko.

Pavlyuchenko also remembered how he played for Spartak in Siberia in a twenty-degree frost.