Shmurnov: “Manchester United” and stability are incompatible things ”

Alexander does not believe in Solskjaer’s team.

Match TV commentator Alexander Shmurnov speculated about the championship race in the Premier League. Alexander believes that Josep Guardiola’s Manchester City will win first place in the Premier League in the 2020/2021 season. The Citizens will play Liverpool tonight.

Liverpool will not recover from their main loss – Van Dyck’s injury, and they are also forced to play matches either without Manet or without Firmino. And it immediately loses in efficiency … And with defense, it’s a disaster. The signing of Ben Davis is like sand, which is a “poor substitute for oats.” With the same success, in my opinion, one could have taken his namesake from Tottenham. However, this one seems to be three centimeters taller and generally played the center. Well, at least Henderson will unload, and then – bread …

All in all, City is almost certainly a champion. It remains to wait for the face-to-face match to make sure that the forecast is inevitable.

Manchester United, you ask? Nine is zero, you say? “Nothing will happen,” as colleague Artyom Shmelkov would say. Manchester United and stability are incompatible things. And, as you know, it is better to win nine times 1: 0 than once – 9: 0. Although for today’s Manchester, any joys are not superfluous.

The trouble with United is that very few are making progress under Solskjaer. Rashford can be good, but for a player of his type and age, progress is a new level of stability, not more beautiful episodes. Pogba is marking time in the literal and figurative sense, Martial has passed, the defense has clearly not turned into reliable. Bruno – yes, handsome. But he also had a bit too much pale matches. This affects the distance.

In general, it is most likely that City cannot hide from the championship … Although I would like to have intrigue, ” wrote Shmurnov in his telegram channel.

We add that the match “Manchester City” – “Liverpool” will start at 19:30 Moscow time.