David Louis: “Willian doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone”

The Brazilian has long ago made it his game.

Arsenal defender David Luiz talked about the downturn in teammate Willian’s career. According to him, such moments happen to every football player. Willian is an experienced player who will survive the difficult period with dignity.

“Everyone knows the player Willian. And everyone knows its potential. He doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone after so many years at a high level. Of course, now this whole situation is unpleasant for him. But he’s an experienced, smart guy who knows what he needs to do.

You don’t see Willian training. He is always dedicated to his work, he is looking for the best ways to improve and grow. You won’t see Willian with a sour face on the bench. He’s a guy who’s going to get through it, he’s going to get through a difficult moment. He will continue to delight Arsenal, – said Louis.