Gazinsky analyzed the game of Krasnodar in the Champions League

The Bulls failed to make it to the playoffs.

Krasnodar midfielder Yuri Gazinsky talked about the bulls’ play in the Champions League. The level of the European tournament is very high. Here, the players develop incredible speeds. It is very important for the Champions to be in good physical shape.

“I would not compare [Лигу чемпионов с Чемпионатом мира] – if only the best teams such as Croatia and Spain. If you look at others, then, of course, the Champions League is a completely different level. I was struck by the speed of movement of the ball, the adjustment of the players to each other.

Krasnodar have already played with Sevilla – I think now they have become stronger, but in general it was clear what to prepare for. I think it’s not about Sevilla, Chelsea or Rennes, but the league – if you’re used to playing faster there, then you show it in European competitions.

Most of the match with Chelsea we seemed to move well and did not allow much to be created, but as soon as we opened up, we conceded three. If we want to play attacking football against such teams, we must be physically ready, because we need to run at least no less, but it is better to run over the opponent altogether. Plus the level of individual skill – as soon as you open the zone, the transfer immediately follows into it “, – Gazinsky told the Russian press.

Gazinsky also said what has changed in Krasnodar with the arrival of Musaev.