Manchester United, result (score) 0: 0, (match review) January 30, 2021

Solskjaer’s team is gradually falling out of the championship race.

In the 21st round of the Premier League, Arsenal held back Manchester United at home. The match can be divided into two halves. In the first half, the Devils had a big advantage. The team had total superiority when it comes to possession of the ball. Perhaps the best chance for a goal was after Fred’s long-range strike – Leno pulled in a beautiful jump. Bruno Fernandes had the opportunity to score from a free-kick, but this time he caught the wall.

The second half was left for Arsenal. Londoners even surpassed United in the first half. Lacazette shook the dust off the crossbar, Smith Row shot De Gea from the penalty area – the Spaniard helped out. In the end, Pepe entered the goal at an acute angle – he sent the ball near the post. The guests responded with a destructive moment of Cavani. The Uruguayan from outside the penalty area missed the goal after the Wan-Bissaki serve.

As a result – a draw, which is of no help to anyone. Arsenal are stuck in the middle of the table. Manchester United are in danger of falling into third place if Leicester win their match. Lagging behind City in terms of lost points is six points.

Arsenal – Manchester United 0: 0