Klopp tried to explain why Liverpool stopped scoring

The champion runs the risk of not making it to European competition next year.

Liverpool are still unable to score a single goal in 2021 in the Premier League. Jurgen Klopp tried to find the right words after the game against Burnley. The German tried to explain where the scored goals disappeared.

“Many English words can be used. A punch in the face and stuff. I will say that my responsibility is a simple explanation. We owned the ball for a long time, created chances, but did not score. This left the game open and then they got a penalty. Alisson told me that he did not touch him, but I myself did not see the moment.

There are wrong decisions at the moment. Three shots into the box, we tried to find a player. My job is to understand that the players are in the right position.

It’s hard to explain something. My players are not one of those who, after the score 7: 0, will think that this will continue. The team worked hard today. This means that you need to try even more. It was difficult to lose this game, but we did it.

Don’t blame anyone. We need to sort this out together. You don’t have much time in football. You have to break the wall trying in the right mood.

In the meantime, we cannot talk about the championship race “, – Klopp said.