Shmurnov: “I never liked the Premier League because of the boredom that envelops the leaders’ matches”

The famous commentator did not see a big game in the meeting between Liverpool and Manchester United.

Alexander Shmurnov spoke about the central meeting of the past weekend. Liverpool and Manchester United were cautious. The teams have done without goals. Shmurnov explained that in such matches – a big minus of the English championship.

“I confess that I have never really liked the English championship precisely because of the boredom that envelops the leaders’ games. Not all and not always, but, alas, many. This season we have already experienced the Manchester derby, the match between Chelsea and Tottenham at a time when both teams were on the move, but did not want to play with each other.

Now Liverpool and Manchester have performed the weather forecast instead of the hit. In general, “hopes are crumpled by a wave” and no big football for you … “, – explained Shmurnov in his telegram channel.

The Premier League’s shadow leader is Manchester City. The team moved into second place and has a match in reserve.