Telles told where the scar on his head came from

A story from the Manchester United football player.

Manchester United player Alex Telles spoke about his scar. Attentive United fans and others might have noticed a huge scar near the left ear of Telles, who joined the ranks of the Red Devils during the past season.

“It happened when I was playing for Gremio. I went on a horse ball and bumped heads into the Internacional footballer. As a result, I got a depressed skull fracture. I suffered a fracture in the front of my skull and also a broken nose. It was a very difficult moment for me, but I learned a lot while absent. I spent two and a half months on the sidelines.

I underwent surgery on my head to restore the skull bone. Now the scar is a part of my personality and will be a reminder of what happened to the end of my life. ” Telles reported to Inside United.