Manchester City suspected of violating the rules of the Premier League

“Citizens” again got caught on machinations.

Manchester City, English Premier League (Premier League)

Manchester City again got into trouble. The club came under investigation for a possible violation of the rules of the English Premier League.

In 2011, Man City hired the father of 14-year-old footballer Gabriel Almeida as scout. At the same time, Almeida’s father did not fulfill the duties of a scout, receiving money for “work” in a fictitious position.

This combination had to be cranked to tie Almeida to the Manchester City academy. The fact is that according to the rules of the Premier League, contracts with players cannot be concluded before they turn 16. Almeida, as mentioned above, was only 14.

“It was cheating. The club paid me money, but I didn’t do anything. Maximum – attended scout courses, but it was done “for show”. To be honest, I didn’t even speak English at the time, ”- said Almeida Sr.

Gabriel Almeida is currently 24 years old. He has had no success in professional football. Now the guy runs in the amateur club “Stratford Paddock”.