Lampard explains why he will not abandon the scheme with three midfielders

The Chelsea head coach believes his tactics will work great.

Former footballers on English TV advise Lampard to stop using the 4-3-3 and go for a more cautious two-center midfielder. The coach explained that this will not happen in the near future. The specialist sees a different development of the game.

“Yes, I’ve heard some people talk about a two-eights game system. As if they have to run back and forth in a straight line.

This should not be the case when you have players with different qualities on your team like Mount, Kovacic, Havertz and Kante. Such footballers act differently between the lines, and sometimes in the area of ​​the top ten.

It may even be more dangerous than the typical “ten” that stands in this zone all day. It just takes time. ” the specialist spoke.