The referee admitted three months later that he should have sent Pickford for a foul on Van Dyck.

The revelations of Michael Oliver, judging the derby.

Liverpool played away against Everton on 17 October. The match was marked by Van Dyck’s severe injury, which left him without football until the end of the season. Referee Michael Oliver admitted that he should have removed the goalkeeper. At the same time, he did not show the card, focusing on the fact that the episode ended due to an offside position.

“We thought there could be no penalty since the offside position happened before the episode. I checked offside first. Then I probably told my colleagues at VAR: “If there is no offside position, I will give a penalty.”

Watched the moment many times. I sincerely believe that the goalkeeper did not do anything on purpose. At the same time, we could fix an offside position and remove it. It surprised me that none of the players even asked for a red card for Pickford. We had to restart the game from offside, but with a different penalty for Pickford. ” summed up the referee.

Van Dijk runs the risk of missing the European Championship. The footballer is recovering from knee surgery.