Lampard believes Chelsea are not yet top-tier in the Premier League

Spending millions of dollars is not an indicator of the game.

Blues mentor Frank Lampard responded to reporters about the team’s position in the Premier League. Chelsea are only eighth so far. The coach believes that it will take a long time to build an efficient team.

“You cannot demand absolute stability from young players. They cannot be killers like other Premier League players in terms of performance. You need to grow to a certain level.

We have a lot of young people with great potential, but the top players in the Premier League score every week and win every season. These are established players, from whom you can expect performances not lower than a certain level.

We need to work. I hope we can challenge them. ” Lampard explained.

Chelsea have spent more than other English teams on transfers. According to the British press, the club is already looking for a new coach after a series of failures in the Premier League.