De Boer advises van de Beck to move to Example

Ronald believes that the Premier League is not particularly suitable for his compatriot.

Former Netherlands national team player Ronald de Boer thinks Donny van de Beck should try his hand at the Spanish Championship.

As a reminder, in 2020 Donnie replaced Ajax with Manchester United. So far, the Dutch midfielder does not really live up to expectations, and his play leaves a very vague impression.

“The European Championship is approaching, where Donnie will definitely want to go. It may be better for him to talk to his club about what they specifically want from him. If the game time situation does not improve, Donnie should go on loan or even leave for good.

I think his playing style suits the Spanish league more than the English one. If in the Premier League it is often “hit-and-run”, then in Spain they play more combination football. There are no questions about Donnie’s physical condition, but for Ajax he showed himself better. ” said Ronald.