Solskjaer answered Klopp about a penalty

The German specialist allowed himself a sharp attack on Liverpool.

Jurgen Klopp was previously furious after playing Southampton. His team lost – 0: 1, and Klopp demanded two penalties at once. The German in his hearts threw the phrase that Manchester United had shot twice as many penalties in two years. ” Solskjaer answered a colleague.

“I don’t count the penalty for them. I have no desire to waste time counting. If they want to do it, then I don’t. There is no understanding why they say such things.

Last year, it worked for Lampard in the FA Cup semi-finals. There we had to shoot a penalty, but we were not allowed to do it. Perhaps this is a way to influence the judges. I try not to be distracted by such things “, – summed up the Norwegian.

Manchester United are the Premier League leader in terms of points lost. Today the team will play against Manchester City in the League Cup semi-finals.