Ferdinand named Arsenal’s main problem

The London club needs to enter the transfer market.

Arsenal, Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand believes that Arsenal urgently needs to buy a central midfielder. The Gunners’ problems stem from poor play in midfield. The team has a good selection of young footballers, but it’s impossible to put them all together in one match.

“I still think that Arsenal needs a central midfielder, hence all the problems. The team has a great core of young players, there are seven or eight young players that everyone is talking about.

But Arsenal needs to somehow distribute them on the field, and this is a big problem. Saliba, what happened to him? It seems like a waste of money at the moment. I don’t know what happened. Gabriel is indifferent to the field. Main center-back Rob Holding. What does this mean? It would have been impossible to imagine such a holding for Arsenal’s captain a few years ago, ” said Ferdinand on Rio Ferdinand Presents FIVE.