Guardiola: “Don’t rush to judge Mendy”

The head coach of Manchester City spoke about the problematic defender.

Citizens’ left-back Benjamin Mendy has failed to impress the public for the fourth year in a row. The footballer was treated for a long time, then lost the competition to Alexander Zinchenko, and even now he does not stand out at the top level. Guardiola asked to wait for progress from the 26-year-old. In addition, Mendy recently violated the quarantine rules, provoking the outrage of the English public.

“He is a special footballer for all of us. Mendy has a big heart. People should judge themselves before others. I’m not making excuses for Benjamin – he broke the rules, but don’t give too many lessons to others.

Do not exaggerate the guilt of the players. I think they have the same responsibility as everyone else in the world. I believe that football players are not more important for my children than doctors or architects ”, – said Guardiola.

Mehndi allowed two friends to enter his house for the New Year holidays, although quarantine rules in England prohibit this.