Carragher: “Virgil Van Dyck’s injury will cost Liverpool 9-12 points.”

The Merseysides have lost their most important footballer.

Liverpool, Virgil van Dyck

Jamie Carragher is concerned about Liverpool’s defensive problems. Injuries to the leading defenders lead to the Lersisides losing a lot of points. Since Jurgen Klopp has put Fabinho in the center of defense, Liverpool need another center midfielder.

“The club solved one of the problems by signing Diogo Jota. Now I am concerned about their protection problems. Virgil Van Dyck’s injury alone will cost Liverpool 9 to 12 points this season. Although Fabinho has proved to be a fantastic midfielder in the center of defense, Joel Matip’s constant problems mean, at least to me, that it is unthinkable that Liverpool would not sign another central midfielder at the first opportunity. ” said Carragher.