Selyuk: Manchester City can definitely do without Zinchenko

The agent does not consider Alexander to be an important player in Guardiola’s squad.

Well-known football agent Dmitry Selyuk spoke about the defender / midfielder of Manchester City and the Ukrainian national team Oleksandr Zinchenko. The latter rarely falls into the base of the “townspeople”. Now Zinchenko is associated with a possible move to Serie A.

“For many years Zinchenko has been wooed somewhere: one club wants him on loan, then another, but for some reason no one takes. He has never been a Manchester City team player. He was always on hand if someone gets hurt, for example, Mendy.

Zinchenko plays left-back, although sometimes Guardiola puts him in other positions, but in this position he is protected by the central or supporting if he runs forward. It is difficult to do much harm in this position. The team can definitely do without Zinchenko “, – quotes Selyuk portal UA Football.

We add that in the 2020/2021 season Zinchenko played only six matches for Man City in all tournaments.