Lampard: “We played well in the first 10 minutes, showed character in the second half”

The Chelsea head coach highlighted the positives after another setback.

The London club fell to eighth place after a 1: 3 defeat to Manchester City. The coach complained about the difficult first half. Chelsea had the advantage, but the opponents’ goals ruined everything.

“We played well for ten minutes, but then they added. We conceded two unsuccessful goals in a row, provided space for De Bruyne and Gundogan.

Serious lessons for us in the first half, showed character in the second, but the game was done.

When everyone said that we could win the Premier League, I was almost sure that we had to go through periods of pain due to a difficult calendar, problems with recovery and youth.

These are not the emotions that were in the first half against Arsenal. Then we were in a lethargic dream. Today City have shown real individual skill and ball control.

If we go back to the transition period at City and Liverpool, they went through something similar to what we do. These are periods of pain.

We have character. We haven’t lost 16 matches. A month ago, people asked when I would sign a new contract – now it’s the other way around. First of all, I’ll look at myself, but I know where we are now. I know what to do to get to the level where City is. It is normal that while we are suffering blows “, – ended Lampard’s frank speech.

The team will play their next match in the Premier League on January 15, against Fulham.