Guardiola speaks out about victory over Chelsea

The head coach of Manchester City praised the quality of the game.

Josep Guardiola commented after a major victory. Manchester City have scored three goals against Chelsea in 34 minutes. The coach believes that the team is close to the models of their best performance.

“We played very well. Unfortunately, we conceded the last goal, but the result is fantastic. It was like we went back two or three years ago.

The Premier League is an odd tournament this season. I hope that we will have strength at the end of the season.

Chelsea are one of the strongest clubs. You see the quality of their players on the pitch and those on the bench. We had a plan – it worked. The players were excellent in every way, especially when it comes to handling the ball.

It is important for us to be patient. We cannot play like other teams. We must keep the rhythm and attack at the right moment.

We do not have footballers ready for quick transitions. Perhaps Sterling and De Bruyne, but we need to put the ball on the grass, make 1000 passes and choose the right moment. ” finished Guardiola’s thought.

Manchester City are just one point behind the leaders in points lost. On Wednesday, the team will play a League Cup semi-final match against Manchester United.