Lampard told what is happening with Werner

The Chelsea head coach urges fans not to put pressure on the player.

Chelsea, Timo Werner

Timo Werner still looks bad in London. A footballer cannot adapt to a new position on the pitch. Lampard believes that he will soon find an approach to the scorer.

“Times like this happen to any attacking footballer. The only way to change something is through training. Timo is actively working on the realization of chances.

The end of the goalless streak is a matter of time when you work like Timo. His skills can be decisive when playing counterattacks, but against City we need other things as well. Timo has a huge arsenal at his disposal. Soon he will be dangerous against teams with a low line of defense. Sometimes the responsibility is on other players to get the ball to the correct zones. ” Lampard summed up.

Werner at Chelsea has already had one of their worst career streaks.