Cavani explained again for the word “negrito”

The Manchester United striker has sincerely repented after racial abuse.

In England, Cavani was disqualified for three games because of the word “negrito”. In Uruguay, it means liking a friend, nothing more. In England Edinson was considered a racist.

“I am a stranger in matters of the English language, I do not share this point of view. I apologize to everyone who was hurt by my post. There was no evil intention. Everyone who knows me knows my values ​​- I am looking for joy and friendship.

I am grateful for the sincere words of support. My heart is calm, I know that self-expression is associated with warmth in relation to my culture and lifestyle “, – Edinson tweeted.

Cavani will be disqualified, including for the most important match for Manchester United in the League Cup. On January 6, the team will play against Manchester City.