Arteta opposes the idea of ​​a possible suspension of the Premier League

There is an alarming epidemiological situation in the UK.

Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta has opposed the suspension of the Premier League season.

Recall that the last round of testing players and employees of Premier League clubs for coronavirus revealed 18 positive results, after which they actively started talking in England about a possible suspension of the season in January for two weeks.

“We are all worried about our health and about what is happening around us. But all of these protocols, the mandatory procedures at the training base and around the matches, as well as the fact that we play outdoors, significantly minimize the risks.

You yourself see the statistics from the moment we started regular testing. The numbers look incredibly positive and I think we should keep doing this while we can. Naturally, without putting anyone at risk. I think we have shown that the system works “, – said Arteta for the Evening Standard.