Shearer gave advice to Werner | Football 24

Timo passed a little.

Chelsea, Timo Werner

Former England striker Alan Shearer has spoken out against Chelsea forward Timo Werner. As you know, in recent matches, Werner does not really live up to the expectations of the fans of the London club.

“If I was Werner, I would reach for the ball every time Chelsea scores a penalty. This is a great opportunity to get back on track. You would be surprised at what it feels like to see the ball in the net. You immediately feel yourself half a meter taller.

Also, I would double my work on the training field. I would ask someone to stand outside the goal and serve the ball to me at a low height. I myself would be located five or six meters from the goal and simply hammer the ball into an empty net. This may sound simple, but I would do it over and over again just to build my confidence. Then I would put a goalkeeper – the goalkeeper of the first team would not agree to this, so I would have taken someone from the youth team – and would have done the same “, – said Alan.