Edinson Cavani could extend Manchester United stay

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has revealed that Edinson Cavani could extend his stay at Manchester United beyond the season as he believes that the Uruguayan has a major role to play.

The 33-year-old striker joined the Old Trafford outfit back in October after leaving Paris Saint-Germain as a free agent in the summer following a seven-year stay in the French capital.

There were many that were initially questioning the move to sign the veteran striker, however it appears to have paid off in a couple of ways.

Cavani has been largely restricted to a number of cameo roles for Solskjaer’s side so far, however he has made telling contributions such as the brace he hit against Southampton to provide the Red Devils with the three points as well as his assist against Leicester City for Bruno Fernandes’ goal on Boxing Day. Bettors that get involved with Swedish betting 24 may hope that these performances continue to happen.

Solskjaer has revealed that he expects to see more from the player in the future and mentioned that there is no doubt that a player of the South American’s quality should be considered a starter.

“He’s definitely a starter, you don’t classify a player of his quality as anything else,” Solskjaer said.

Cavani does have the option to remain at Old Trafford for a further year as there is a clause in his contract that can be triggered, and it seems it is something that could very well happen as the manager exclaims.

“He’s so meticulous, professional, his habits – everything about him shows why he has had the career he has had,” Solskjaer added.

“At the moment it looks like he has got a few years left in him – even at the age he is, he is still one of the fittest players we have got.

“I wouldn’t say anything else other than he has made a great impact when he has come here and let’s just focus on improving everyone.”

It does appear rather strange for Solskjaer to call Cavani a starter as the Uruguayan has only managed to make one start in the Premier League so far – their 3-1 victory over West Ham United; a game he was also hooked at half-time.

However, he has certainly grown in confidence in recent outings, thus perhaps giving some weight to the argument Solskjaer is making, although everybody already knows what Cavani is capable of doing.

Solskjaer, though, is prepared to wait. “Edinson has been away injured for a little while,” he explained. “He played a full game, a physically-demanding game for him against Everton on Wednesday night, so we decided to have him on the bench.

“It will just have to be that way with him for a while as he gets used to the English football, and the demands of this season as well, because it is very stop-start with a game every three days. He made a great impact today.”