“This is not what we expected.” Sutormin – about Zenit’s performance in the Champions League

The team failed matches in Europe.

FC Zenit, Alexey Sutormin

Zenit midfielder Alexei Sutormin summed up the results of the European Cup season of the St. Petersburg club. He looks at the team’s results in this tournament with frank anguish. Zenit did not expect to be in last place in their group. However, the players will try to learn a useful lesson from this failure.

“In terms of the result – definitely [тоска]… This is not what we expected. Now it is clear, somewhere it could be different. But it turned out the way it happened. We must accept this and continue to work harder to prevent this from happening in the future. As for me personally, among other things, I got a very useful experience. If only because I played more minutes in this Champions League. I think that each of them in such a tournament, even two or three, should be valued “, – said Sutormin.

Sutormin also spoke about his new role on the football field.