West Bromwich 1: 1 result (score), (match review) December 27, 2020

The leader makes a very offensive misfire.

Liverpool, West Bromwich

West Brom continues to torment the giants. The team recently snatched a draw away from Manchester City, now Liverpool is hurt. Jurgen Klopp’s charges were killed by an early goal. Sadio Mane took a very difficult pass from Matip and used the moment perfectly. In the 11th minute, Liverpool not only scored the first goal, but also struck the last shot on target before the break.

The Reds had an overwhelming advantage, but did not create real threats in the second half. As a result, retribution followed. West Brom picked up their typical goal after serving from the flank. Ajayi won the horse fight.

Liverpool remain the leader, but provide significant support to competitors. West Brom is gaining eight points and clinging to the fight for survival.

Liverpool – West Bromwich 1: 1 (1: 0)

Goals: Manet, 12 (1: 0); Ajayi 82 (1: 1).