Pavlyuchenko told how he was chased by Arsenal fans near Arshavin’s house

The relationship between fans of the two clubs is uneasy.

Tottenham, Roman Pavlyuchenko

Former Tottenham striker Roman Pavlyuchenko spoke about his visit to Andrey Arshavin, when both played in the Premier League. Roman came to visit Andrey, and Arsenal fans recognized the opposing player. Pavlyuchenko has vowed not to come to visit the Russian forward of the Gunners anymore.

“The negative happened only when I only came to visit Arshavin in the Arsenal area: there is a stadium, and the metro station of the same name, and there are many fans.

I parked, lock the car, 50 meters to Arshavin’s house. A bunch of young guys in Arsenal T-shirts are coming to me, my wife and the child, and they just started to chase me away: “This is our area, you Tottenham, get out of here”. We quickly reached the door, knocked, and quickly opened it. He said to Andrey: “I won’t come to visit again, not my area.” The same thing happened when Arshavin came to visit us – they don’t like, let’s say, newcomers, haha. But they will never touch them – they will only shout “, – said Pavlyuchenko.

Pavlyuchenko also compared two coaches – Stanislav Cherchesov and Jose Mourinho.