“It’s draining, frustrating.” Arteta – on the results of Arsenal

The coach talked about a painful topic.

Arsenal, Mikel Arteta

Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta talked about the team’s results. Recently, they could not please the fans. The derby win over Chelsea is the only bright spot on a long losing streak. Arteta is very sensitive to his team’s defeat.

“Obviously, in terms of results, we have all suffered in the past few weeks, me in particular. I feel very responsible for this. I want to do a good job in this club, bring all my passion, knowledge that I have.

To do this, we need to win matches, to be stable. When I don’t, I feel like I’m letting the club down and the people who work for us, and of course our fans. It’s exhausting, frustrating, painful. At the same time, I know that we have to fight for our path ”, – said Arteta.