Ancelotti: Everton are not title contenders. We are not on par with Manchester City

The Italian specialist is honest with the public.

Everton, Carlo Ancelotti

Everton head coach Carlo Ancelotti praised the Liverpool side’s chances of winning the Premier League gold medals. According to him, this is unrealistic this season. The main task for Everton is to finish in the European Cup zone.

“I think this is unrealistic, we are not title contenders. Our goal does not change. There are many fantastic teams in the Premier League. Now we are happy to be second, but our goal is to reach the European competition. We want to play in Europe next season. A year later, we have made very good progress. The team has a good attitude. Players are motivated. We had good transfers. The progress is really good.

If we beat Manchester City, our goals will not change. We must be honest. We are not on a par with such teams, although we strive for this. We are working to be in the top “, – said Ancelotti.

The match “Everton” – “Manchester City” will take place today, the beginning – at 23:00 Moscow time.