Wolverhampton Result (Score) 1: 1, (Match Review) 28 December 2020

Jose Mourinho’s team fell out of the European Cup zone.

Wolverhampton, Tottenham

Tottenham played another nondescript match. Londoners were lucky to score a crazy goal in the opening of the game. In the first minute, Ndombele shot from a long distance – the ball after the rebound disorientated Patricio. The goalkeeper was unable to rebuild and help out his team.

As a result, Wolverhampton had an overwhelming territorial advantage in the second half, while Spurs only thought about defense. Jose’s classic approach didn’t work. 0 shots on target after the break is a sad statistics for the guests.

Wolverhampton were rewarded for their efforts. In the end, the “wolves” squeezed a goal from the set. Cess turned the pitch to Nope.

Tottenham were in the lead recently, but now they are only fifth. The team scored one point in three matches. “Wolves” are in the middle of the table.

Wolverhampton – Tottenham 1: 1 (0: 1)

Goals: Ndombele, 1 (0: 1); Session, 86 (1: 1).