Lampard: I’m angry. When you play 60-70%, you cannot win “

The Chelsea head coach spoke of a resonant defeat.

Chelsea, Arsenal

Londoners again led the wrong path. Until recently, the team was called a contender for the title, but three defeats in four games suggest otherwise. Lampard explained why Chelsea lost again.

“It wasn’t enough. We fought in the second half, but in the first half we thought too much about ourselves. The players on the pitch added speed, energy and intensity.

I will take responsibility for myself, but the players must also be held accountable. The message was clear – Arsenal are a dangerous team. When you play 60-70 percent, you won’t win a single match.

I’m angry because I want our victories. We could have taken the second place, but we got what we deserved “, – Lampard summed up.

The blue will have the opportunity to improve on December 28. The team will play against Aston Villa.