Merson: Arsenal should return to old tactics

Paul advised Arteta.

Arsenal, Paul Merson

Former Arsenal footballer Paul Merson gave advice to Mikel Arteta. Paul urges Arteta to change tactics. As you know, “Arsenal” is just awful performing in the current Premier League draw.

“Arteta needs to return to what made Arsenal successful in the primary stage. We need to return to tactics for the FA Cup semi-finals against Manchester City, for the final against Chelsea.

They need to get back to this style of play. Arteta, as a young and inexperienced coach, is in a position where he feels the need to keep progressing. But he completely in vain destroys the old mechanisms.

He must return to making Arsenal a nasty counter-attacker at speed again. At the moment there is a feeling that Arteta is more focused on spectacular football and is shy of that style of play, considering that tactics are negative. It is not good”, – said the veteran.